AAP nearly does a “Clean Sweep”

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As we told earlier that AAP is heading a clear victory in Delhi Assembly Elections, 2015 as per the Exit Polls. And surprisingly, even they were not correct; the margin of AAP win was way bigger than they predicted. Even AAP member Yogendra Yadav predicted that AAP will get around 42-51 seats in Delhi. But, what we saw today was nearly a clean sweep form AAP, claiming 67 out of 70 seats.

The result is the first major setback for the Bharatiya Janata party, led by Narendra Modi, since its own landslide victory in national elections in 2014. Modi responded to AAP’s victory by tweeting:

AAP victory- tweet by modi

Surveys show that those at the bottom of India’s tenacious social hierarchy of caste also supported AAP. Congress party, which has ruled India for most of the 67 years since its independence, failed to win a single seat and was reduced to less than 10% of votes. BJP’s dismal result came less than a year after Modi’s massive 2014 national election.

News of the AAP’s win prompted raucous and joyful street celebrations among supporters, with drumming and dancing outside the party’s Delhi headquarters, and shock even among veteran political observers. Though polls had predicted a win for the AAP, none had indicated a victory of this scale. BJP managed just 3 seats whereas Congress couldn’t open their seat count!

And the first gift to AAP supporters from Delhi’s new CM is that oath ceremony has been rescheduled from 15th Feb., 2015 to 14th Feb., 2015 ( Now, even Mr. Arvind Kejriwal won’t be missing India vs. Pakistan 😀 )

BJP’s loss was this much magnified as the target of their campaign was Arvind Kejriwal from the very beginning. They used bad words for him, published his cartoons and even involved his family into this. Getting personal with Kejriwal went against them. While Kejriwal remained focused on displaying and presenting his ideas towards basic needs of Delhi, BJP were mostly badmouthing about Kejriwal. I think they forgot that even bad publicity is publicity.

BJP forgot that the “Only way to rise up is by getting yourself up not by making others down.” Hope they learnt a lesson today. Congrats to AAP and our new CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for winning a well fought elections that too maintaining their dignity. Time to back-up their words mentioned in the manifesto. Good luck.

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